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Become Cool Again With Your Own Swimming Pool Bar

The day is hot. The pool is inviting. The water is perfect and friends are on the way. What else could you need to make this day even better? A swimming pool bar! Honestly, if you think back over the years, there was a time in your youth when an afternoon of swimming with friends was the most joyous time you could have. A swimming pool is the world's ultimate playground cool, fun, inviting. Just like water is known as the universal solvent, a pool is pretty much a universal crowd-pleaser.

Remember the games? We played Red Rover, tag, and the ubiquitous Marco Polo in which one swimmer with his or her eyes closed has to tag another player. The player could only be found by calling out Marco, to the other players, who had their eyes open. How many hours of that game are played across the country each summer by those under 20-years old?

Now you are an adult and all those silly games bore your friends. This is the time to choose between a cool afternoon swimming or a cold drink. Why cant you have both? Kids usually choose the pool. Adults usually choose the booze. They also choose to play fun games like beer pong.

If this is you, you can easily combine these two ideas and make your backyard cool again. A poolside bar will guarantee that your adult friends hang out near the water. A bar set-up that requires getting in the water might just turn the tide at your next party and get your adult friends into the pool. Even better, pick yourself up an inflatable beer pong table and let the real fun begin!

In some parts of the country, a swimming pool bar is practically unheard of. Many people associate them with a fancy resort or tropical paradise. These places are typically expensive as they offer a lot of amenities. This is the main reason why most people dont think this type of bar can be put in your own backyard.

Thinking back over the years, there is a time when a sandbox was the cool place to be. That lasts until age five or six. Then there's a time when your friends pool is the best place to be. That lasts until age 19 or 20, perhaps. Once you get older than that, you are forced to, not hang out at the pool. Well, if you happen to develop some free time, remember that your pool can be cool again if you just give everyone what they want. Simply put, most of them only want a nice cool drink with their friends in or by the water. If you are looking to entertain and add some value to your home, you should definitely consider building your own bar.


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