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Outdoor Activity Watches :: Fun Things to Do Outdoor Winter Actvities Idea List

"Paint" a snowman using Windex bottles filled with water colored with food coloring. Bobsledding Build a skating rink Build an igloo Build snow furniture Catch a snowflake with your tongue Cross country ski to work during the next big snowstorm Curling (don't knock it till you try it) Dog sledding Go for a sleigh ride Go Ice camping Go tobogganing Have a barbecue in the middle of a snowstorm Have a fire and roast marshmallows Have a winter hoedown Hold a tops Olympics(you know like those spinning top things) but do it on ice Ice blocking (slide down a hill sitting on a block of ice) Ice-skate on a lake If you're going to wear a toque, might as well be a toque with ears (not earflaps... ears!) More Fun Things to Do Outdoor Winter Actvities Join in a polar bear swim Lie on your back in a snowy field Make a snow fort Make a snowman Make snow angels Slather on suntan lotion in the middle of winter. The scent will win you friends and admirers Snow animals or statues Snow biking Snow cave Snow skiing Snow tubing Snowboarding Snowmobiling Snowshoeing Take your pooch to the park or open field after a fresh snowfall. Proceed to make people and doggie snow angels. Watch the snow fall Winter luge Yodel, especially on the chair lift
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